Eazzyreg is an online platform for everyone who owns a vehicle and who drives one to register and renew their vehicle documents seamlessly at the comfort of their home and get it delivered fast and easy in less time. We understand how people go through a lot of stress, queuing from morning till night and still not getting it done, so vehicle owners are always frustrated about the process of getting just a simple vehicle paper.

We created this platform to ease the way out for all vehicle owners as we take it upon ourselves to make sure the stress is eradicated so you can focus on other areas of business. The platform is eazzy to navigate and in just three processes you get to have your vehicle documents delivered at your home.

When an order of renewal is being made on our platform, we quickly follow up with a call to confirm the order and give you an assurance of success within a few hours.

Four steps to getting your vehicle papers delivered to your indicated address are as follows:
  • Visit eazzyreg.com
  • Click on any of the services to book e.g. “Renew Car/Jeep papers” to choose for the particular vehicle you own
  • The moment we confirm your order after your booking, we proceed to process the order which is always very fast
  • We deliver to the address you registered within a short period of time (Renewals-6hrs working hours, New registrations-24hrs working hours, change of ownership-5days working hours)

The company’s physical office is located at Office 32, Favour Award Shopping Mall, No 30 Okporo Road,
Artillery junction, Rumuogba. Eazzyreg team includes Nonso Chris, Chris Ikechuckwu, Ugo Ephrem and Igwe Gift who are so passionate to provide solutions to users of various vehicles in Nigeria.

Call: 08166988560 to book renewal offline

Or email: order@eazzyreg

NOTE: we offer to remind the expiry date of vehicle document to everyone who registers his/her vehicle document on our platform for free

Vision Statement

  • Eazzyreg operations started in Port Harcourt and we consider to render our services to all the 36 States in Nigeria
  • We envision to be an employer of labor of young and promising youths
  • To be the best online vehicle registration and renewal services to Nigeria and Africa as a whole

Mission Statement

Delivering the best quality service to all vehicle owners in a most convenient, secure and cost-effective process.

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Visit Us: Office 32,
Favour Award Shopping Mall,
No 30 Okporo Road,
Artillery junction, Rumuogba.


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